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Integrated Reentry and Employment Strategies

TheĀ Integrated Reentry and Employment StrategiesĀ white paper was written to address the challenges that service providers cannot successfully serve every adult on probation or leaving prison or jail who needs a job. There are simply not enough resources and attempting to serve everyone would be largely ineffective. Also, some individuals require intensive services and programming, while others perform better with lighter interventions and supervision. The white paper can help policymakers, system administrators, and practitioners collaboratively determine whether resources are focused on the right people, with the right interventions, at the right time.

This paper is divided into three parts:

  1. What works to reduce recidivism: risk/need principles that employment professionals can use to improve outcomes for individuals who have been involved in the corrections systems
  2. Proven and promising practices for improving outcomes for hard-to-employ individuals, including adults with criminal records
  3. The resource allocation and service-matching tool: an integrated approach to improving reentry and employment outcomes for individuals released from prison or jail, or who are beginning community supervision.

Integrated Reentry and Employment Strategies: Reducing Recidivism and Promoting Job Readiness